Give Thanks For Simple Things (ONE-STOP) (has stems)

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Daniel McBrearty: vocals, soprano saxophone (Deep Groove mix), keys, strings, arrangement, recording, production
Mark Anderson, bass guitar
Danny (Moody Manc) Ward, drums, percussion, additional production
Milicent Chimonyo, backing vocals
Cemil Guder, rhythm guitar
Negot Dezil, guitar solo (Deep Groove mix)
sCharly De Pessemier (Flight Case Music, Brussels), mastering

Give Thanks For Simple Things is an optimistic, off-beat hymn to gratitude. It started life as a saxophone instrumental called Deep Groove, written by myself and bass player Mark Anderson. We did it on a borrowed cassette portastudio, using a Roland drum machine (this was 1990's). We re-recorded it in 2023, with the help of Moody Manc, and I added the words and re-titled it.


A cycle ride through the park, that takes you homeward after dark
And passes by the benches, a drunken couple sings
You stop to pass the time away, you laugh you drink you talk you play
Enjoy these small adventures. Give Thanks For Simple Things.
Standing in your favourite club when all amongst the great hubbub
Of people that are passing, your telephone it rings
Someone you met awhile ago, you lost their number, there you go
You're gonna get connected. Give thanks for simple things.

Give Thanks For Simple Things

The poets and the sages talked philosophy through the ages
Writing many learned pages on the benefits it brings
Their words might be uplifting, but when your mind is drifting
There is a certain gift in giving thanks for simple things.
There is a certain need inside to please the senses. The tide
Of dances and romances is a sweet and bitter thing
Though lovers they may come and go, it’s all about the ebb and flow
You've got to take your chances. Give Thanks For Simple Things.

Give Thanks For Simple Things

Some people think their karma is to act like Dalai Lama.
A spiritual farmer having endless soulful flings
It may appear outdated, but it's far less complicated
When the appetite is sated giving thanks for simple things
We find ourselves connected, feeling specially selected
The choices we've elected making sweet our everything
Our spirits may be brightened feeling free instead of frightened
Joyful and enlightened, Giving Thanks For Simple Things.