Gonna Lay Down All My Troubles (ONE-STOP) (has stems)

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Lewis Raye : vocals
Daniel McBrearty : guitars, keys, tenor sax, arrangement, recording, mixing and production
Charles "Chidi" Anya : bass guitar
Margarita Shikova : violins and violas
Jan Van Steenbrugge : drums
Charly De Pessemier (Flight Case Music, Brussels)

This is a hopeful, healing song about making peace with your demons and letting go of the past. I wrote it while doing an online arranging course at Berkeley College of Music in 2011. It came together quickly, I wrote it and recorded the first version in an afternoon. The guitar and sax parts are the ones from that day. I was very happy to find the wondeful Lewis Raye from Alabama, who absolutely nailed the vocals.


I’m gonna lay down all my troubles
I’m gonna let them slip away
I’m gonna count up all the good things
I’m gonna count them every day

I’m gonna waste no time with crying
Whenever things don’t go my way
I’m gonna call out to my baby
She’s gonna take my pain away

Well, I feel it in the morning
I can feel it in the night
Well, I know it every moment
Everything will be alright

So I’ll lay down all my trouble
Yes I’ll lay down all my fear
I’m so tired of being a loner
I’m gonna make my home right here
I’m gonna lay my head down here