4am Sunday Morning (ONE-STOP) (has stems)

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Daniel McBrearty: vocals, guitar, keys, tenor sax, arrangement, recording and production
Charles "Chidi" Anya : bass guitar
Danny "Moody Mand" Ward : drums and percussion
Charly De Pessemier (Flight Case Music, Brussels): mastering

A desolate, lonely ballad tempered by a warm, smooth arrangement featuring picked guitar, tenor sax and strings. I wrote this when I moving house during Covid. As well as the full arrangemnt, a more acoustic sounding "bare bones" mix is available.


When I’m in my hour of need
Would you stay with me?
Comfort and seed.
When they come, the ghosts of my past,
Who left me in pieces,
Left me at last.

When the songs find their way
In this house in the night,
Through the old attic windows
When the moon shines bright
The old broken miller
Stares at his stone
With wheat, chaff and memories
I lie here alone

On Four AM Sunday Morning

And when I’m in my hour of need
Would you stay with me?
With comfort and seed?

And the songs make their way
Down these stairs one by one
Dressed up like debutants
Prepared for the prom
They leave behind all innocence
They leave behind their fear
I make sure that they do that
Before they leave here

Four AM Sunday Morning

Four AM Sunday Morning

And Venus shines over
The rooftops tonight
I’m no astronomer but I think that that’s right
Isn’t she the one who shines out alone
While the old broken miller
Stares at the stone?

Four AM Sunday Morning